Who are we?

Phineas Houghton has been in the alternative health space for a long time, allowing him the opportunity to encounter other complementary healthcare providers. Every now and again he will meet someone who is deeply innovative, providing uniquely exceptional products and services.

Last year Phineas Houghton chanced upon Rachel Wild, the founder of  Wild As The Wind, an essential oil business... with a difference!

Rachel Wild approaches what she does from a healing perspective which embraces all levels of our existence, the mental, emotional and spiritual. Using this approach, she hand blends a growing number of exquisite products which are transforming people's lives.

"Essential oils are tremendously healing. They work aromatically, energetically and physically. Their impact aroma-therapeutically is immediate. Essential oil molecules are so tiny they make their way into our bodies at a cellular level... simply by being inhaled! Other medicines are unable to work intracellularly like this... and many can't work energetically either."


"Sadly, most essential oils are adulterated for profit, as well as for use in the fragrance industry, rendering them toxic and harmful. Very few essential oils are truly healing. This is why Wild As The Wind has been created... To bring exceptional therapeutic grade essential oils, at affordable prices, to the UK and Europe. Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are exceptional!"

Rachel is clear about the direction of Wild As the Wind. It is destined to be a co-operative and not a multi-level-marketing exercise...

"These feudal models need to go! They are utterly exploitative. The minions in these Pyramid Selling Schemes, who get little support or training, often provide inaccurate and potentially dangerous advice in their desperation to make a few sales. Customers are clearly badly served by this money making model also. MLM schemes render the product irrelevant. It is simply a manipulative marketing model designed to deliver large profits to the 'fat cats' occupying the top tiers of the scheme. Needless to say, the price of the essential oils is excessive."

Rachel Wild is not going to sell off or sell out either, like the big essential oil brands have done in recent years...

"As long as Wild As the Wind continues to flourish it will carry on spreading the love... The vision is to invest in people and the land, with profits going towards creating sustainable futures for as many people as possible. The dream is for the creation of detox centres in old farm houses with the land being turned over to permaculture food production. Living tea gardens, relaxation spaces, and detox facilities side by side with forest gardens and kitchen gardens... a beautiful synergy and truthful expression of life..."

In addition, Wild As the Wind continues to publish revelatory health advice, based on the latest peer reviewed medical research, via the Wild As the Wind Information Website.

Phineus Houghton is keen to support these endeavours. Plus, he knows Wild As the Wind Products really work. Having sampled a good number of the Wild As the Wind hand blended products, he is convinced of their efficacy and importance.

This is why Phineus Houghton has entered into an affiliated position with Wild As The Wind. He wishes to help Wild As The Wind realise all of it's commendable objectives, and he is committed to telling as many people as possible about Wild As The Wind products and essential oils.

Wild As the Wind Shop offers the most extensive range of essential oils in the UK and Europe, click below to see for yourself...

Wild As The Wind Shop