What is
hair mineral analysis?


Hair analysis is one of the simplest ways to find out as many aspects of your body and the deficiencies and toxicity that is held within your cells. It can be taken very simply by providing 1.5 inches of a hair sample, roughly a tablespoon, which is then sent to our lab via post. The lab in the US finds out the result by burning the hair and recording the results via light spectrum. This provides a graph and report of the results for the client or practitioner to read. There a few varities of hair analysis offered, but recording via light spectrum is the only accurate way to be able to provide the correct supplement program.


Hair tissue mineral analysis or HTMA is a soft tissue mineral biopsy that uses hair as the sampling tissue. A biopsy is an analysis of a body tissue. Hair is considered a soft tissue, and hence hair analysis is a soft tissue biopsy. The test measures the levels of 20 or more minerals in the hair with an accuracy of plus or minus about 3%. This is about the same level of accuracy as most blood tests, or a little better. However, for the best accuracy, especially of the water-soluble elements, the hair sample must not be washed at the hair testing laboratory.

Hair analysis can indicate:

  • mineral deficiencies
  • metal toxicity
  • vitality
  • immune system digestion
  • adrenal and thyroid activity
  • stress levels
  • stress tolerance
  • energy production
  • metabolic rate
  • … and more.

This is by far the most accurate, safe and cost-effective way of finding out the most about your health. The laboratory can also retest your hair every 6 months and a practitioner can update your healing program to lead you into a new level of health, wellbeing, vitality and awareness. 

  • I visited New Energy 21 after straining my shoulder and chest, due to excessive coughing with brochitus. I was in agaony and considering A&E. After a 45 minute treatment my pain reduced by 75% and by the end of the day was virtually gone. BEL - REIGATE
  • I went to New Energy 21 after surrefering for years with urinary tract infections, which prevented me from working properly and enjoying life to the full.. Drs or consultants could do nothing for me and supplements did little to nothing for the infections.  I met Will through a coffee shop in Reigate and he agreed treat me. After one treatment.....yes one!........the UTIS dissappeared for good. I am still utterly staggered by the effectiveness of the technology and energy healing he uses.  MADDY - REIGATE
  • I have the whole family doing hair anylsis and regualr bio resonance in person. Both are incredible healing protocols, with powerful healers to add to the potency of this set up. Would highly, highly recommend.
    Ben - Chelsea, London
  • Clemens - Germany
    All the procedures are powerful at gaining understanding about yourself and you health. The diet for your oxidation, Hair Mineral Analysis test, supplement programme, lifestlye recoomednations along with detox protocols are all invaluable. Put them together and you gain powerful healing.
    Clemens - Germany
  • Tanar - Holland
    Before the program, my mind was racing, had constant anxiety, depression, low blood sugar and more. Now I have loads more energy, my mood is transformed and I can handle stress. It can be a tough healing healing sometimes but so worth it!!!
    Tanar - Holland
  • Tayod - Ascot
    This advice provided results within 2-3 weeks of starting. Whilst I am still not fully recovered, I noticed regression from severe fatigue within about a 3 weeks of beginning andhave had hugfe improvements all round. The . I did not expect much from a hair mineral anaylsis test! Brilliant and so cost effective.
    Tayod - Ascot
  • Well.......if someone told me I'd get better doing those things I never would have believed you. This programme is immense in the information it provides you about yourself and the level of knowledge the practitioners have to offer. The 7 step programme is life changing.
  • Dan Steely - London
    This program has helped me more than I can say - more than any othr protocol. It takes dedication with diet and other changes, but it has helped me recover from a desperate place. A million 'thank yous' for the personal service, great reporting and support.
    Dan Steely - London
  • Pieter - Holland
    After 1.5 years of following the 7 step plan I feel supercharged.. The team who run it are also the nicest people, but also you get to meet some very cool individuals who are on the same journey in Whats App support groups. Now some of the NB crew are my good friends. Will is awesome., love his You Tubing
    Pieter - Holland
  • After 6 years on the 7 step programme, I would highly recommend it. I will recommend it to anybody. It cleared superficial problems for me, so I have improved skin, pain-free periods and much improved immunity. Worth sticking to it as now I feel so so so much better
    Mirjam - Holland
  • I have been doing the 7 step programme for 3 years. Before I had mental health issues, low energy, yeast issues and digestive problems. I now have loads more energy!
  • I saw Will for a 1 hour Scenar treatment. It was the most relaxing hour Ive had for a long time Not only that I started detoxing something out of my body that evening. Such a powerful treatment and highly skilled practitioner. 10/10
  • Jane Cleveland
    Thank you for Max’s information and update. I am so happy about the huge amount of toxins his body is eliminating, It is definitely so so obvious that this is having an impact on his symptoms of autism - he is getting better and better..and maintaining it too. Brilliant!!
    Jane Cleveland
  • Inga Lamb, Glastonbury, UK
    I have known Will/Phineus since 2013 when I began my journey with Deep Healing! It works on each and every level of our being, bringing 'balance' to our physical, mental and spiritual. It has been an extraordinary experience, with an extraordinary practitioner, who I am blessed to call my friend
    Inga Lamb, Glastonbury, UK